RuStore for developers

Platform for your Android applications

Deliver your games and apps to millions of Android users

> 40 000
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Make your app see the world. Upload your app, update the product page and submit for one of the world’s fastest reviews.


Bring additional value to users with subscriptions and In-App digital products for free apps, or sell paid apps with all value onboard.


Automate the process of publishing, managing reviews and payments to give you flexibility in your workflows.

SDK Tools

Empower your app capabilities with integration of payments, push notifications, navigation, reviews and application updates.

Software Development Kit

A set of software tools that developers can use to integrate additional services into their apps and games

Monetization Options

Use common ways to monetize your app — paid apps, subscriptions and in-app purchases

VK PaySber PayTinkoff PayMobile carriers

RuStore Tools


Analytics tool for Android and iOS applications
Crash and Freeze Analysis
Application and Disk Memory Leak Detection
Profiling to find performance bottlenecks
Seamless RuStore Integration

Remote Сonfig

Remote app configuration tool
Dynamic Application Tuning: adjust behavior and appearance of your app on the fly without requiring an app update
Feature Flagging to modify your app’s features
Gradual Configuration Rollouts

Our users

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How to Publish an App on RuStore

Sign up on the RuStore Console
Integrate all the necessary SDK and APIs into your app and choose how you want to monetize
Submit your app for review and wait for confirmation
Ready! Your App is Reached by Millions of Users

Together we will make RuStore better

Let's make RuStore better together

At RuStore, we strive to make our products even more useful for you every day. Become a company ambassador, contribute to closed testing and research, and we'll surely help you in promoting your products more effectively.


RuStore uses VK ID account for creating the Developer Account in the RuStore. To change your email, go to the Security and login section of your VK ID account. If you want to change your email address but cannot access your old one, confirm the changes using your phone number. In this case, confirmation via your previous email won't be required.

Your email address is not visible to anyone. Company name is the only information visible to all RuStore users on the app page.

If you need to change the company name, please contact the RuStore support via email:

The employee must first log in to the RuStore Console via a VK ID and then use it to enter the RuStore Console. Simply select the project and add an employee, specifying their VK ID. Click here for more information.

The project is being developed by VK with the support of the largest IT companies in Russia.
Create a convenient and secure app store for users and developers.


In recognition of contributions to the development of the internet ecosystem in Russia
Innovation Time
Innovation Time
Import substitution: Product of the Year in the IT and digital technologies category.
Runet Award
Runet Award
Science, Technology, and Innovation
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